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condescending people....

Wow, i just got the worst ever experience with an member of Google Stadia, i was calling to have some information about the 4K since it seems missing in the stream, something Google forgot to memo everyone at launch, and this guys make me wait 21 min to advise me the monthly plan cost 11.99$, what the hell, this was not even my question, the worst, they had to call me, i could not speak with a supervisor, seems there none from the perspective of that incompetent person, Well, then i come here to find answer, i read the post and realize, hell, these google employee even have a more condescending tone then the one on the phone, talking about how to write and mentioning tone, as it occur to you overpaid incompetent that the call service might be the problem here, we were promise the freaking moon and we received the crystal lake "Jason" low life systems that tries to offer 1080P...even there i could manage...but the people at google, the ways you address your customer, its simply disgusting.

i had so much hope for google, but the technologies is not the issue here, its your people, that's going to cost you, 

on the 21 of February, i wont renew, i wont resale the remote, its not to be transferred to anyone, i would not do this to my worst enemy.

Adios google.

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Well I'll break a spear here in favor of the poor call center employee. That poor employee will only repeat as a parrot what his masters tell him. Normally in writing they will answer you with generic copy / paste guidelines.


These poor employees do not understand anything about technology, they are only there to assist you vocally if you have a problem and then pass your case to the person in charge who after several contacts will try to give you a solution.


I sincerely believe that there should be a lot of nervousness in the Stadia Board of Directors and that is transmitted to all employees.


Do not pay with the poor person who goes day after day to try to have a decent salary to live with.


The person in charge is the executive who loses his new Ferrari by not achieving the sales objectives.


Investors must be pushing to see no profits. I think customers are in the background for now.


Hopefully the whole project will be able to have a new approach and a new direction.

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Having worked in a call center, it's not easy.  No excuse for bad information, but you probably got a form to rate your experience.  That's the best place to voice your poor support experience.  Having been there, I heard about each and every time I screwed up and then learned from it.  However not everyome cares about their job like I did.

In Google's defense I recently had an incredible experience with their home security folks.  I talked to several of them and just got opinion and details.  It was the best or almost customer service experience I've ever had.

I'm not discounting your experience at all.  Sounds like it sucked.

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