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Sucky promo pricing

Just a voice saying it really sucks when you have bought a base version of a game (e.g. Assassins Creed basic version for 27.50GBP) and then a few weeks later the 'Ultimate' version of the game is available for LESS than you have paid for the basic version (e.g. right now Assassin's Creed Ultimate is 26.40GBP for pro users). 

Customer service teams are aware, and they can't do anything to help although they agree it's annoying. Normally you'd expect someone to refund the original game on the basis of a new order or comp the upgraded version. Again, CS teams can't do any of that.

Surely google doesn't want us to hold off from buying a game in case a couple of weeks later it gets a massive discount? As I said, usually customer service teams are very eager to deal with these kinds of situations which otherwise feel quite unfair to customers. 


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