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I've decided to try Stadia today. Big issue: Payment methods.

Now, I understand this might be early, but it's been some time in development and testing so Why is there only 1 method for payment? 

I googled it a bit and I found out that IF you own an Android device you can use PayPal as another method. I am an Apple user so can't use this.

I'm 28, I have paypal, I have Apple Pay, I have a debit card but no credit card because I really don't like going in depth like many other people from EU.

So if some devs look out at this, please give people another payment methods to buy your product if you want to sell it.

Long story short, I CAN'T BUY IT!!!!

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @BuBBaX ,

the available payment methods depents on your strongly on your country. For example, I'm from Germany and I have to use my credit card. Not paypal and not my Google pay balance (Store cards, etc. pp).

This seems to have some legal backgrounds.

I hope this will change in the future. Due to the fact that in my country credit cards are not that popular as e.g. in the states, it would be great to buy games using all my Google Payment methods I've set up.


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