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Payment without permission and can`t cancel my suscription

First of all, it clearly says when you're getting the free trial that they're not going to charge you anything and they did, they charged me 1€ for no reason. The other issue I have is I follow all of the instructions and still can`t cancel my suscription to Google Stadia

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same thing happened to with me. i canceled right after it tried the service to make sure i won't get charged. yet, somehow i got charged. the subscription didn't show up under the regular google subscription management at all. i couldn't figure out how to cancel without involving customer support. then finally i was able to cancel, but they couldn't refund the payment i didn't intend to pay for a service i haven't used at all.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@elvisge7 The 1€ is only charged for verification, and will be returned eventually. If you're really worried about it, check in a few days and report back here if the charge hasn't been removed.

Can you elaborate more on what you did by "follow all of the instructions"? Have you tried following the steps described in the help page?

Cancel a subscription

You can cancel a subscription at any time on or in the Stadia app 

  1. Sign into your account at
  2. In the top right, select your avatar.
  3. Select Stadia settings > 
     Purchases & subscriptions.
  4. Next to the subscription you want to cancel, select Unsubscribe.
In the Stadia app
  1. On your mobile device, open the Stadia app 
  2. Tap your avatar 
     > Purchases & subscriptions.
  3. Under the subscription you want to cancel, tap Cancel subscription.

Note: If you cancel your Stadia Pro or game subscription, you will continue to enjoy its benefits until the end of your current billing period. Your subscriptions will continue to appear in the Stadia app until they expire.

To restart your Stadia Pro subscription while it's still active, select Manage. To resubscribe to Pro after your subscription ends, visit

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