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ESO payment

I have already purchased ESO, but Stadia is asking for another payment. 

I was under the impression I could play ESO through Stadia Pro for free. 

I understand I pay $10 a month for Stadia's service and I have had an active ESO account for years(ESO plus member) with multiple expansions already purchased. I have linked my Stadia and ESO accounts as well. 

It appears I have to:

Pay for ESO through Bethesda (already done) 

Pay for Stadia Pro (already done) 

And then pay another $20 for the base game (which I already purchased from bethesda) PLUS pay for the add ons and expansions I am already used to AGAIN for Stadia. 

Is this correct? I am not at all upset. I just want to make sure I clearly understand before I make a decision to keep or cancel. 

Do I need to pay the $10 for Stadia Pro monthly PLUS another $80-$100 just to play ESO through stadia although I have already purchased all of this from Bethesda's service? 

Thank you

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

That sounds weird and shouldn't be the case, I have the same as you: I am ESO Plus member and have all DLC and chapters purchased already on PC. I have linked the account with Stadia and when I was going into the Stadia Store, I could claim ESO for free. BUt yes you need to check if you are still able to claim it for free as Stadia Pro member.

As far as I could see ingame - even though I claimed only the base version on Stadia - I had access to Greymoor and the other content, so it seems working well.

Have you claimed the free version of ESO on Stadia as a Stadia Pro member already? Otherwise I would recommend to try this. And then you should have access to the rest as well if it works like this.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hello @Forthelios 

I believe ESO was claimable by Stadia Pro members only up through the morning of July 16. So, if you just signed up for Stadia Pro, or you didn't claim it before then, you will need to purchase the base game to play it on Stadia. Having bought it for a PC or console doesn't make it available on Stadia (just like buying a game on PS4 doesn't make it available on an Xbox). I believe this applies to only the base game, though – any DLC you purchase directly from Bethesda will be available on all platforms you have the base game for.

However, you do not need to pay for Stadia Pro in order to play any game you've purchased on Stadia. So, if you just want to play ESO on Stadia, you can buy the base game on Stadia and play it as much as you like for as long as you like – Stadia Pro gives you access to higher resolution and surround sound, along with a growing library of games you can claim. But, it's definitely not required to play games you buy (and isn't required to play multiplayer games you buy, either).

I hope this makes sense – Stadia is essentially a "free" console in the cloud, but it still costs Google money to provide. Revenue from game purchases and/or Stadia Pro subscriptions are how Google pays for the service. So, anything you've bought from Bethesda directly isn't getting shared with Google.

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