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Consider refunding subscription oversight.

I had faith in the Stadia platform. So I grabbed it up. I thought it was amazing to stream entire playable big name games. I start playing and there's so much input lag, it was unplayable. So I drilled down to see if I could improve it and I discovered that I could. By buying a special controller, and upping my subscription to a higher quality one. I hadn't considered that I'd most likely need attachments to get the best play experience possible. I hadn't considered Google/Stadia would hit me with a paywall.

I play on a PC that has fiber. Gameplay was difficult. So I fired it up on my Google phone. Input lag was surprisingly less than on a PC. I got a little excited but realized I'd probably need to purchase a controller. This was day 1 of signing up. 

I hadn't opened Stadia again or had the drive to go out and buy all these upgrades to see if I could enjoy some of my favorite games. Stadia just wasn't for me but I thought I'd revisit it later before killing my subscription.

In my Google calendar, I had that this subscription would renew on the 1st. Great, I'll just cancel sometime on the first as I don't intend to use it. Naturally, why I'm here, is I didn't unsubscribe and I got charged. It's just 10 dollars but I thought I'd try to refund under the reasoning that I've played only a total of 10 mins across 2 or 3 games.

The refund process unfortunately didn't go well. I was told it was impossible to refund because it was a subscription charge and not a game or hardware charge. Understandable, I should have canceled when I realized Stadia was not for me.

Why I'm asking for a reconsideration to the policy is because of customer oversight. I own a thousand dollar Google pixel phone, use Google EVERYTHING. I've got a nest mini...etc. I am a very big fan and endorser of Google. A loyal customer til the end. I've always been treated fair and I didn't expect that I couldn't refund a charge even for an immaterial subscription. That's not really how Google operates. 

If anyone can help get my 10 bucks back, that would be great. If not, I get that it can't be refunded due to Stadia policy. So Stadia, take my 10 dollars along with the probably countless others and improve your platform, or make your controllers a little cheaper.  I hope you'll do the right thing. 

You've probably punished several loyal life customers do to their oversight. It's not like these people are taking advantage of your service, or trying to get anything for free. Sit back and tell me I made a mistake and that I didn't read enough into the policy and I'll still ask for a refund, or at the very least, ask you to rework your policy.


My purchase number for the stadia pro I don't want is CDCSUB.3252-3710-7718-02810.4 if anyone is willing or able to do me a favor. I've unsubscribed and probably won't revisit this platform unless some exceptions are made.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Krukov I'm sorry you had such a poor experience with Stadia and weren't able to cancel your trial subscription before it automatically renewed. Unfortunately this is primarily a user-to-user community so I'm not sure that anyone here would be able to help override Google's policies on your behalf.

This community is really great for helping each other troubleshoot and resolve gameplay issues, though, so we'd be happy to help you investigate the input lag and other problems you encountered if you have any interest in revisiting those. For whatever it's worth, the paid subscription does add support for higher resolutions but it shouldn't have any impact on the actual gaming performance. You should be able to play just fine for free, though you would have to purchase the games individually.

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