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Cannot access my account

Whenever i go to from my mobile i got redirected to an italian page with no option to access my account. 

Screenshot attached. 

Additionally, there is NO contact us option in the support articles. Worst support ever. 😔


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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hey @Roby71,

sorry to hear you don't have access to Stadia anymore.

Are you able to login to other (free) Google products in general, for example Google Drive ( or Google Photos ( and are you still able to login to your Google Account ( Would be good to isolate if you can not login in general or if the problem only exists with Stadia.

In your Google Account you can also check if the language is set correctly in general.

Does the Stadia App work for you, have you tried that out?

Do you have another device you can test to access

It might also be an idea to check these TS steps for your phone and the internet browser app you are using on the phone to make sure there is no issue with one of those (because it sounds weird that you are guided to an italian page for no reason when going to



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