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5.1 Sound in Full Price games?!

I thought about buying cyberpunk for stadia.

but i still don't get it... if i purchase a full price game for stadia, do i still get only the stereo sound version and additionally have to subscribe to stadia pro, in order to get the full 5.1 sound experience?!

Or does this only count for "free" games within the subscription ?!

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hey @Pupsekuchen (i love your name btw!!)

let me try to explain it properly:

  • If you are not a Stadio Pro member, you can experience 60 FPS gameplay at up to 1080p resolution with stereo sound.
  • If you are a Stadia Pro member, you also get up to 4K resolution (See the minimum system requirements for 4K.) on TVs using Chromecast Ultra and on compatible PCs, HDR visuals on supported TVs and 5.1. surround sound on TVs connected to surround sound systems

More details you can find in this article in the Stadia helpcenter.

So this experience is not limited to specific games, it affects your whole Stadia experience. So if you buy Cyberpunk on Stadia, but you don't have a Stadia Pro subscription, you can still enjoy it in 1080p resolution with stereo sound.

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