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Why Stadia and other cloud services will never truly work.

What Stadia detects as my speed verse Xfinity! I also added a neutral 3rd party speed test. Unfortunately, this means I can't play games like Destiny 2 on Stadia. However, I can play them on my PC/consoles without issue. Sad to cancel my sub but this will be the case come February.
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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@CapnMikeM : Unfortunate for you, maybe revisit later in the year to see if additional infrastructure has been deployed that makes it viable for you.

There is certainly going to be some limits depending on where your geographic location is in relation to the servers etc.  In the UK, approx. 10% of rural households (400k premises) can't even get 10Mbps download speeds, so fat chance that they can run Stadia or any number of internet based services.

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