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Updating Chrome for Stadia

Hello, i recently bought and an Acer 13" Mediatek 4/64 chromebook. i dont plan on playing too much games on this if at all but im trying to test this things limits. Its telling me when i try to install a game i need to update chrome although i have the most recent update available. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hey @FadedOnslaught,

sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with Stadia on your new Chromebook.

I would recommend in this case to check if you are able to maybe manually check if there is an update available for your chromebook by following the instruction in this article. If there is one available, try again to install that one and start Stadia again to see if this works. If you can't install anything new: Which is the version that you actually have installed?

Another option from my point of view would be to reinstall Chrome (if possible). Here's how you can uninstall Chrome and here how you can install it again.

If this doesn't help, are you able to send a screenshot of this error message that appears?

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