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I had high hopes, I have strong fast fiber that Google stadia was saying I would have an excellent experience. I'm on 5ghz I'm not having latency issue which is what I expected but I'm having visual degrading and saying I have an unstable connection even though it's saying I have a strong connection. I moved closer to my router, I reset my router, I turned off all of my security cameras so there was nothing else streaming all to no avail. Same exact poor experience. Speed tests are showing me at 80+mbps download 80+Mbps upload, Ping 12ms Jitter 4ms and packet loss at 0% so what gives...I feel lied to based off of the speed test done through stadias website. Tell people they are going to have an excellent experience 4k 60fps and then I feel like I'm watching a YouTube video in 480p...I'm really hoping this is early adopting growing pains otherwise I feel like I just wasted my money.
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Same boat as you bit I have a faster connection and I'm direct connected to ethernet. At 300/300 nothing in this forum has fixed my problem, and my jitter is 3ms and my packet loss is 0%. Latency is great but god does it look like a blocky mess if it gets slightly busy in game.

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Ya, I currently have an unplayable experience. Ungodly input lag (probably close to .25/.5 seconds. This is the most headache-inducing thing I've experienced in gaming so far. 


Connection: 1 Gbps down // 50+ Mbps up


I live in Alaska. If the latency was going to be a problem, they should have prevented me from even ordering the system in the first place. 

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Man. I only can play games on 720p with little lag. Once I set games to 1080p and up, oh boy, the lag can literally destroy my mind. I run a 75down and 7up at work. Need to get back home and try 300down and 30up. Hopefully, it gets better with my home internet. RIP.
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