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Stadia, same wired network, bad connection on Chrome, great connection on CCU

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I can't play Stadia with Chrome on 2 of my main PCs, while it works perfectly on other devices in the same network.

The error message is "Your internet connection isn’t stable enough to play..." and it drops out. Sometimes it works for a limited time with stutters and artifacts before dropping out.

On another PC (same, network, same switch, same router ) it works flawless. On another Laptop over 5ghz wifi it works flawless (same router). On the Chromecast Ultra (same switch, same router) it also works perfectly. All of them reach "Excellent" quality, no stutters, no artifacts. On my Smartphone (Pixel 2, over 5ghz wifi, same router) in also works great.

It's just those two PCs. Both are pretty high end devices which play everything else without a problem. No problems on live streaming, no problems on gaming, No problems with downloads.

I'll take one of them as an example. Here are the specs:
Windows 10 Pro
I7-8700k, 32GB Ram
Geforce GTX 1080 TI

Internet connection:
German Vodafone 1gbit download/50mbit upload, Berlin area result: 920mbit down/46mbit up
Google Stadia speedtest: 620mbit down, Stadia compliant (to Frankfurt): 872mbit down, 48mbit down, Ping 21ms, Jitter: 0.90ms

Everything tested on the device in question.

What I tried to solve it:

- Different cables, different router, different switch, different network card and chipset, driver updates, direct connection to the internet

- Removing all Chrome extensions

- Incognito Mode

- Rebooting, trying again and again and again over multiple days

- Removing all software that could remotely interfer

- Making sure no other downloads are running

- Removing network settings, completely hard resetting the network connection (Windows function)

- Disabling the Windows Firewall (no 3rd party firewall or Antivirus installed)

- Making sure no VPN and no Proxy is configured

- Reinstalling Chrome (removing all configuration)

- Creating a Virtual Box VM running Windows 10 on the machine in question and run Stadia within this VM: Excellent connection, but of course thats not really a solution.

- Testing all of the above on the second PC that can't run Stadia with the same result.

Nothing works. It will always be dropping out and telling me the Connection is very unstable.

I'm out of ideas. I appreciate any help, I want to play Stadia on these devices.

Thank you!

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I read that you always get "excellent" when using CCU because of a 4k Stream. "Good" seems to be the maximum on Chrome right now.



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Hey there, I am connected with  O2 internet and my internet is excellent. The weird part is that I got butter smooth streaming when I first got stadia for like 7 weeks straight. but it slowly got worse and worse. Also mind you my internet hasn't gotten worse or something. It is still very fast but stadia seems to slow down by the day. I also disabled hw acceleration but it never helped. I just don't get it.

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Have you rebooted your router lately. Stadia very sensitive to router buffering. I reboot my router weekly and have had no issues with Stadia

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plz tell how to fix it


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