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Stadia on low quality for covid-19

Hi everyone, I have a suggestion: since every streaming company has starting reducing the bandwidth of their contents during this covid pandemia (Netflix, Youtube, etc.), wouldn't it be a wise idea to let Stadia be streamed also on a low quality preserving the bandwidth all over the planet? 

Not only it would help more people to use other internet services but you'll also acquire a new slice of users that now don't have enough internet speed to use Stadia on their devices.

I would happily play any game in low resolution if that would allow me to play on 4g network for example.

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Stadia Guide


If Stadia had a larger installed user base then I would agree that such a move might well make a more significant difference.  Although I strongly suspect that the actual impact of reducing it, isn't going to make that much of a difference to the data consumption in the countries where Stadia is currently offered, which is a far cry from saving the bandwidth of the planet.

Of course, it is already possible for users to reduce their data usage within the Stadia app.

Kudos appreciated if deserved.
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