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Stadia kinda sucks

I get the notion that Stadia is going to be dead in a year. How the **bleep** can you only have like twenty games only on a platform? And most of the are games nobody would ever seek out to play without some incentive. How did you guys screw this **bleep** up so badly? All you had to do was get all the same third party games Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have, but apparently the guy who's responsibly that was decided to take naps instead or something.

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Well I have 25 games and with the April 3 PRO I will have 28 games, Serious Sam is actually 3 games, for which I will have 30 games, DOOM Eternal includes DOOM I, II and gives away DOOM 64, so 33 games in total.

I don't like the controller, I don't like Google's invasive policies and I definitely don't like the low graphic quality in some Ports.

Games if there is to play right now, and good games, without a doubt DOOM Eternal is a candidate for GOTY.

But maybe it happens to me and it runs out of a catalog to continue shopping.

How many games do you have in Stadia, can you show us?






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Yes, nothing new here, we know that the game choice is still very limited, and will be for the foreseeable future.  Not much to do about it now, either stick with it or pack it up and move onto something else.

Kudos appreciated if deserved.
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