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Refresh Your Account Access

After finally receiving my code I'm not trying to use the service.

Except when I try and start Destiny 2 I get a message saying to go to my phone and "refresh my account access". I do this which results in a circle ! on the phone with no clue as to what is wrong. The link for "more about this setting" doesn't lead to "more about the setting" it leads to a generic search page.

Net result is I cannot play anything. 

Experience on this so far has been poor and it's not getting any better. What am I supposed to do?

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I had this issues and found a fix. 

Log on via via a laptop. It asks for the same account linking and access refresh, but it works on laptop. 

Start a game and it should work on laptop. Class down this game  


When you go go back to the chromecast it should now all be working. 

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I also have this issues, did you find a solution?
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