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Port Triggering with Google Stadia

Hi All,


As I'm playing Stadia on numerous devices at home and that ports 44700 - 44899 (TCP/UDP) can be forwarded for a better experience, has anyone configured port triggering to support multiple devices?

If so what is an effective trigger port for Stadia?

Thanks in advance!

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I think you are mixing up different technologies.  Opening ports vs port forwarding.   If you want multiple devices to have access to these ports then you need to ensure that the ports are open on your firewall/vpn etc. 

To recap on this as per the troubleshooting section, they are not referring to port forwarding.

Make sure that your firewall or VPN rules do not restrict traffic on ports in the range 44700–44899 (TCP and UDP). These are required ports for playing games on Stadia. Note: This range might change in the future.

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No i do mean port triggering:

Port forwarding locks to an IP, Port triggering witches to an IP that connects out via the trigger port and allows the posts to be forwarded to that device dynamically (Essentially Dynamic Port Forwarding).

I'm wondering if anyone has had success in setting this up on their router.



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any luck? I have an Archer AX6000 Router and it has port triggering, not port forwarding....

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Ive got the same router and having issue getting Stadia to load games. Have you figured out port triggering on this router? Or does it work for you regardless?

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