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Playing on Locked Down Router!

Hi guys, At work we get "Checking your connection..." perpetually when attempting to launch a game. We assume it's to do with our elaborate router... The systems/IT guys at work are awesome... they just asked me to find out what parameters to set on the router and they'll do that (so long as it's not crazy). Any suggestions? My IT knowledge ends right where this conversation starts! ... do we need to open ports?, simply allow traffic from .... what do i need to tell these dudes? Thanks for your help. Take care.
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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@ChromeDome The "Troubleshoot connection and stream quality issues" page in the Help Center includes these notes:

  • Make sure you don’t have a Chrome extension that blocks the WebRTC protocol as this will prevent Stadia from working properly. Some VPN Chrome extensions may do this. Check the information for your extension in the Chrome Web Store
  • Make sure your firewall or VPN rules do not restrict traffic on ports in the range 44700 - 44899 (TCP and UDP). These are required ports for playing games on Stadia.  Note: This range might change in the future. 

Maybe that information will help your network team to permit Stadia traffic. 

If so, consider me jealous!

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Does anyone have anymore insight on this?  

My IT guys set up a new SSID that's totally open that only Stadia devices are allowed to connect to...  yet, when we connect our devices that work 100% from home, we still get the perpetual  "checking your connection" issue...   We have 1Gb / kickass fibre internet.  

Strange enough, we can use Stadia 100% our cell phones on the locked down SSIDs just fine!!!!  (WEIRD)     ...But both the regular SSIDs and the completely open SSIDs do not work for CCU or laptops/desktops to connect to. 

Why do cell phones connect and work fine (on the locked down channels or open), but can't get laptops to work on the totally open channel?   (Our laptops play Stadia fine from our homes...) 


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