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Network Tuning

Hi community support. I just received my code and I'm playing on my pixel 3 using a PS4 Controller using bluetooth connection. First I'd like to say that I absolutely love it! Totally blew my expectations out of the water. I do have some questions though. This is obviously going to rely heavily on the home network settings, but as a network engineer I'm sure I can tweak my environment to help my gaming sessions. Besides QoS settings are there any protocols/applications/domains etc. that I should make sure are not being blocked by my firewall or other network requirements that I can look at? I can get super techie if needed. Thank you.
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All I can see is that for playing in the chrome browser on a PC you should open/forward ports 44700 - 44899. Most of these seem closed on my router according to Haven't tried all 200 though.

So for someone less tech savvy, should we forward these ports to any specific chrome port, or just the same span on my internal ip?

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