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Need help with set up ("internet connection not stable...")

I have read that many people have the "Internet connection not stable" issue... I read through the various responses but can't find what I'm looking for. Been trying to set up for 2 weeks (always get the "not stable" message) and there was only one time when we could play a game for a few minutes, thinking we finally figured out the set up; but then the next day it didn't work again and it's getting frustrating... I had no idea what we did differently that one time when it worked since it seems random...

  • want to play on TV only
  • have tested wifi speed and meet the required minimum (have no problem using wifi watching netflex... and yes we do turn off any streaming when using stadia)
  • set up chromecast ultra / controller with the stadia app on my phone using the same wifi network
  • tried to play a game, got the "internet connection not stable" screen (tried with all 4 free games, all got the same message), so plug chromecast ultra into Ethernet as suggested
  • Then the controller doesn't response. Tried to set up the controller with the stadia app on my phone, got to the code linking screen, but the controller has no response at all (yes it's turned on and my phone sees the controller); tried it multiple times turning controller on/off/on, and sometimes the controller will response by vibrating when I press the code, but the nothing happened on the screen (yes waited for 15 seconds or even longer in case if there was a lag). My TV screen is frozen on the code linking page. I think the only way to get rid of it is to reset everything (which I'd done more times than i can count.)

So... after setting up everything on the same wifi network, is there anything I need to do before or after plugging the chromecast ultra into ethernet, so thet controller will work without going through set up? I have tried setting everything up with the chromecast ultra plugged into the ethernet (instead of wifi) but that didn't work either...

I think I need someone to list step-by-step high level instructions on what to do if we then want to use ethernet instead after setting up chromecast ultra/controller/stadia account on app using the same wifi; since simply plugging it in didn't work... Thanks for your help in advance. Getting frustrated but can't return it now since it's past the return date... and I really want to keep it...

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