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It is truly a problem with publisher or Stadia in general?

I won't say that this change my positivism about Google Stadia as concept and a new beginning for Google.. But I must say that this have left such a sour taste in my mouth. After being privileged on having receiving the Stadia Founder Edition and just waited like 4 hours for my entry code, I was more than ready to stop my Destiny 2's hiatus... Long short story, seems that Stadia got a taste of the "sickness" that Disney+ had last week as Disney surprisingly delayed the launch of the service for yesterday after discovering that the early morning of launch day, could not connect to PR's IP scheme. The error respond on both Destiny 2 and Samurai Showdown is that the publisher has not enabled Puerto Rico as playable "country" (being not only a starting market but a USA territory) and FAQs, Help, etc are not giving a expectation when this error (I will call it error) should be fixed. Yes, I managed to use my T-Mobile phone as hotspot but the little problem is that in my house it is a fair spot for mobile service in general (AT&T is not 100% perfect either) but I ad to say that I am happy that I have more problem having the visual stable rather than exaggerate delay on button entry response. At least closing this with a positive note.
Jesus J. Nieves-Padilla
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