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Headset for Stadia (Turtle Beach 800x)

Hello dear community,

I have difficulty connecting my headset (Turtle Beach 800x) to my TV or controller in such a way that I can use the party chat via Stadia. With all connection variants, it is shown to me that I have "no microphone" connected.

I am currently using the headset as follows:
Xbox One X, Transmitter Station is connected to the console via USB (for power) and via optical cable (for sound).

1. I also tried this variant for the TV - without result.
2. If I connect the headset and controller via a 3.5mm jack, I have sound on the headset but cannot use the microphone.
3. If I connect the headset to the TV via Bluetooth, I only have the TV sound.
4. I tried point 1. With both optical connections from the transmitter - no result.

Slowly I'm running out of ideas what it could be .. I hope you can help me :)

An info at the end. When I connected the headset for the first time (via 3.5mm jack) I was able to use the microphone. The connection wasn't the best, but it worked.
After that it was no longer possible.

Are there any settings that I could have unconsciously changed or forgotten?

Of course I always switch between Stadia and Xbox .. But that shouldn't be a reason for that ..

Greetings HardstyleHunter
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