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Games won't launch

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Over the past week I have noticed games on Stadia taking longer and longer to load. Then today none of my games make it past the loading (Splash) screen. Some times I get the message - Game failed to load but after restarting they get stuck loading on the splash screen indefinitely. This happens on Chromecast and PC. I have 100 Mbps up and 15Mbps down and have had no problems until about a week ago. From what I can tell, it's not my internet as I also have GForce Now and can stream games with no issue. Anyone else having this problem?
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@Frivolous_Ninny @Mad_Dog_Bravo @Mecanic69 

*UPDATE*. I don't know what changed but as of this evening, All of my games are now launching on PC and Chromecast.  

Hopefully, the issue is resolved but I have no idea what occurred to cause the issue or why it started working all of a sudden.

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