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Excellent quality on CCU but only ok/good on Chrome

Hi all, I've been having issues getting a good visual on chrome, and im wondering if there is anything im missing. I only get good/ok connection with Chrome, but on Chromecast Ultra I get Excellent consistently. I am using a wired connection to the 1st gen Google Wifi, wired into the secondary mesh extender. I have enabled 'Gaming Preferred' on this. My connection shows: Google Speedtest: 207.9 Mbps download 11.6 Mbps upload PING 11ms DOWNLOAD 184.83 Mbps UPLOAD 20.74 Mbps Google Wifi app test: 212 Mbps download 4.7 Mbps upload I've tried: Using incognito mode Using Canary Turning on/off hardware acceleration Javascript is enabled Reinstalling fresh Chrome Firewall restricts no traffic on ports 44700 - 44899 / turned this off also Rebooting / ive tried this over the last few days Using no VPN / no VPN is installed No downloads currently running at the same time. I'm kind of at a loss here and not sure where to go next. Any ideas?

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