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Connection quality self help: what to look for and what tools to use?

For me Stadia works fine over ethernet but with my "20 euro" wifi-router I experience (and expect to experience) jitters and drops in image quality. Still playable since there is no lag etc... 

What resources are there available for analyzing my connection? I'd like to do this with perhaps a few routers I can borrow from my friends before going to the store and spending 100-300 euros on one. 

So far I have used

- standard speedtest


- packetloss tools

- wifi-analyzer (free) from the microsoft store. 

I have no deep understanding on networks or connections but I use google search to analyze my results with some success 🙂 

So, my question: what tools should I use and what results I would need to have to have a good experience with Stadia over wifi/PC?? 

I hope Google will put this sort of metrics into their Stadia app. It would make sense business wise sine this kind of information will be valuable once cloud gaming really gets popular... 

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You can try moving closer to your wifi router if possible. Another test you can try is to transfer a very large file over wifi to another computer (wired) on the same network and monitor the transfer rate. Sometimes I play on my aging (Razer Blade 2014) laptop at home over wifi and that thing would get very laggy, sporadically throughout my play session. Even before I got Stadia, I've always noticed that when I transfer large files to my NAS the transfer rate would drop to 0 from time to time. The built-in wifi adapter just isn't up to par anymore. Then I decided to get a USB wifi adapter and that solved my issue.
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