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Connection issues with Chromebook only


I'm having connection issues with Chromebook only.

My Stadia works fine on Chromecast and fine on 2 different Windows laptops, (1st being a newish i5 work laptop and 2nd being a 4-5 year only i3 laptop, both work fine). The story is somewhat different on my brand new Acer r13 Chromebook. I've disabled and uninstalled all extensions, removed the Linux installation, I've tried wired (via a ethernet to usb2.0 dongle, no ethernet port on the Chromebook) and wifi connection without joy. My connection is fast enough 40 down/10 up, I've got these speed results on the Chromebook that i'm having issues with. I get the red exclamation mark in the screed that opens when you press the Stadia button or shift+tab on keyboard, then the connection issues window pops up. This is very frustrating as Stadia was one of the main reasons I bought a new laptop and Chromebook made sense to me as i'm deep in the google ecosystem. Could my Chromebook be faulty? 

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