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Can't get "Excellent" connection despite strong network.

I noticed some time early this morning/afternoon that I can no longer get an "Excellent" connection status on my 4K TV with the CCU. It says "Good" but still lists 4K, HDR, 5.1, and "Best visual quality" despite the it not being so. Doom and Destiny were looking great last night but they don't look very sharp today. I am in Ontario, Canada, and I've seen posts on Reddit from people in other Countries faced with this issue as well.

Is this a larger issue Google is aware (or unaware of) @GraceFromGoogle?

Thanks for your time, I'm a big believer in Stadia!

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I am seeing this too.

I have a Gigabit service through Verizon FiOS and I play Etherneted through Chromecast Ultra.. Since Launch Day (11/19/19) my connection has been "Excellent". In the last few days it has dropped to "Good". nothing has changed on my side, and I have not experienced any degradation in my games. I still see 4K/HDR under my profile. But yes very weird it just says "Good" now.

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